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Submitting a website to be listed in a link directory or multiple link directories is probably one of the best things that a website owner or manager can possibly do to help the website reach high PR. Sure, users may no longer use these listings to find websites since they can just type out a name or a particular topic on a search engine and get the results there. However, it’s important to keep in mind that a link directory addition is still great for your website, especially when it comes to SEO. So don’t be shy about having your website added.

The Gist Of Link Directories

The best way to think of link directories is to compare them to the yellow pages where everything is organized via categories. You have pizza shops, malls, health centers and so on to make them easier to find, which was how these places used to be contacted before the internet became a big thing. In the case of link directories however, the users are not the ones looking through the yellow pages. It’s actually the search engines.

The websites listed on these link directories are manually submitted and reviewed, so software plays no or a very minimal role in the addition of a website. These websites are also listed as their names and then placed in a particular category or sub-category based on which niche they occupy. There’s no keywords or key phrases used since this is really not the point to a link directory.

Why Submit Your Website To Be Listed?

Users may not be using link directories to find websites as often as they used to, but search engines still have a pretty vested interest in websites that have been added to link directories. For one thing, search engines can validate a website a lot faster when that website is listed by a reputable link directory. It just makes the websites a lot more relevant than those that are not listed.

Websites that are listed in link directories are also found by search engine crawlers whenever they are updating their information. This is because link directories are often one of the first targets of said crawlers when they start indexing websites. So if you want to reach high PR, you can see why you may want to submit your website to be listed by link directories.

Submitting Your Website

It’s fairly simple to submit your website for approval among link directory sites. For most of them, the steps are pretty much the same as it is with directorioweblol.com. You just hit the “Submit Link” button or its equivalent, choose a category for your website and then send it out. You then wait for approval from the site, which is typically a speedy affair if your website meets the standards of the site.

Will It Cost You Anything?

Typically, you don’t pay anything when you submit your website to be added to a link directory. Having your website listed is free of charge with directorioweblol.com in particular, so you don’t need to worry about that.